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June 22, 2017

New Fertilizer Trial Results for Nu-Trax P+ and California Carrots

A recent replicated field study showed a trend toward higher yield and profitability for carrot growers who added Nu-Trax™ P+ with CropStart™ Technology to their pre-plant broadcast fertilizer. For growers, selecting Nu-Trax P+ may be a good opportunity to increase ROI without changing current carrot fertilizer practices. How Does Nu-Trax P+ Work? Nu-Trax P+ (25% […]


May 1, 2017

Processing Tomatoes Get a Yield Boost with Nu-Trax P+

Rick Adamson and his two brothers have grown processing tomatoes on their farm near Leamington, Ontario, Canada, since 1975. Over the years they’ve adopted different technologies for fertilizing tomatoes with success. More recently they have started fertigating through drip irrigation and switching to 28% liquid nitrogen. So when their fertilizer dealer told them about Nu-Trax […]


March 29, 2017

Adding Nu-Trax P+ to Pasture Fertilizer Can Help Produce More Feed

If you fertilize your pastures, you understand that making investments into your pastures can pay dividends to your operation. This spring consider adding Nu-Trax P+ with CropStart Technology to your pasture fertilizer. The results can lead to more forage production this season. What is Nu-Trax P+? Nu-Trax P+ is a fertilizer product (25% P2O5, 20% […]


February 27, 2017

Potato Field Trial Shows How to Increase Yield with Nu-Trax P+ Fertilizer

A recent potato fertilizer trial in Florida looked at a very effective way to increase yield of useable potatoes. Conducted by a third-party, the trial included three different fertilizer treatments for potatoes: The state’s recommendation for fertilizer based on soil test Typical for farmers seeking high yields, a fertilizer program with N-P-K rates higher than […]


February 24, 2017

Added to Wheat and Canola Fertilizer Blends, Nu-Trax P+ Has Positive ROI in Saskatchewan

Trials conducted at Saskatoon’s Ag in Motion 2016 demonstrated the positive effects of better early season nutrition in Western Canada’s two main crops: spring wheat and canola. By adding Nu-Trax P+™ with CropStart™ technology to the standard wheat and canola fertilizer programs, the trials showed real-life results. Based on these trials, farmers can expect to […]


February 24, 2017

Better Potato Fertilizers from Compass Minerals

Fertilizing Potatoes with Proven Products from Compass Minerals Potatoes have high nutrient requirements. Choosing the right fertilizer products will help ensure proper nutrition when it’s needed. And that results in better yield, quality and storability. When it comes to K fertilizer, micronutrients and starters, Compass Minerals has the right products for fertilizing potatoes: Protassium+ premium […]


February 9, 2017

Retailer Tips to Sell Nu-Trax P+ Fertilizer to the Right Farmers

To become a valued partner to your farmer-customers, agricultural retailers need to understand which products have the best fit for their customers. Nu-Trax P+® can provide good value to farmers and add value to your pre-plant dry fertilizer sales. What is Nu-Trax P+? Nu-Trax P+ provides the benefits of a starter in dry fertilizer applications. It […]


February 3, 2017

Remote Start System Makes Adding Nu-Trax P+ to Dry Fertilizer Fast and Easy

New fertilizer handling equipment developed by Compass Minerals makes blending easier and faster for facilities working with Nu-Trax P+ and Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients. The HeftyPak Remote Start Dispensing System combines multiple technologies to ensure that an accurate amount of Nu-Trax P+ is added to a load by the touch of a button. And that […]


January 19, 2017

How to Reap the Benefits of a Starter for Corn in a Dry Fertilizer Application

Starter fertilizers for corn won’t show visual responses every time you use them, but they can be valuable when spring conditions turn tough on crops. Nu-Trax P+® provides the benefits of a starter in dry fertilizer applications at or before planting, delivering phosphorus, zinc and other nutrients essential for early growth to young plant roots. […]


November 10, 2016

Nu-Trax P+ Delivers Positive Yields at the 2016 Ag in Motion Farm Show

Ag In Motion 2016 Western Canadian farmers saw the benefits of Nu-Trax P+ and Wolf Trax Boron DDP nutrients at this year’s Ag in Motion outdoor farm expo in Saskatoon, SK.  The Compass Minerals agronomy and sales team toured growers and retailers through the plots demonstrating various fertilizer treatments in canola and wheat during the event. The early season observations […]