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March 29, 2017

Adding Nu-Trax P+ to Pasture Fertilizer Can Help Produce More Feed

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If you fertilize your pastures, you understand that making investments into your pastures can pay dividends to your operation. This spring consider adding Nu-Trax P+ with CropStart Technology to your pasture fertilizer. The results can lead to more forage production this season.

What is Nu-Trax P+?

Nu-Trax P+ is a fertilizer product (25% P2O5, 20% Zn, 5% Mn, 4% N) that coats onto dry fertilizer granules. By coating the whole blend, Nu-Trax P+ provides an even blanket of additional phosphorus, zinc and other nutrients to the whole pasture.

Why Should I Add Nu-Trax P+ to My Pasture Fertilizer?

Some producers rely soley on manure  to feed their pasture grasses. Ensuring adequate phosphorus early in the growing season, however, can go a long way toward achieving greater crop quality and root growth.[1] Better roots systems help grasses persist through stressful weather events and dry spells.

By adding Nu-Trax P+ to your spring dry fertilizer, you can provide a small blanket of phosphorus to help get grasses off to a strong start as the weather warms up.

What Benefits Could I See with Nu-Trax P+?

Cattlemen from Florida and Oklahoma have shared their experiences with Nu-Trax P+ on established pasture, as well as wheat pasture. Some of the benefits they saw included:

  • Quicker pasture green-up
  • Thicker forage stands
  • Better root growth
  • Longer and earlier grazing
  • Better crop resistance to weather

To  learn more about how Nu-Trax P+ enhanced their pasture fertilizer programs, go to their stories: Alex John’s established pasture and the Weder brothers’ wheat pasture.