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April 6, 2016

Fertilizer trials show consistent corn yield bumps with Nu-Trax P+

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Nu-Trax P+ fertilizer has shown consistent yield benefits in third-party corn fertilizer trials. From Maryland to South Dakota, the corn yield trials have put Nu-Trax P+ to the test in a multitude of growing conditions:

  • Fertility programs that included no granular phosphorus or sulfur to highly managed programs including in-furrow micronutrients and side-dressed nitrogen
  • Very different soil types with a pH range of 6.4 to 8.2

One thing that the fertilizer trials had in common was increased corn yields with the addition of Nu-Trax P+. Overall, adding Nu-Trax P+ resulted in a 17.1 bushels-per-acre yield increase.

For more details on any of the below corn yield trials, download the Field Insights pdf.


This side-be-side trial in Gibson County evaluated Nu-Trax P+ with various practices including liquid starter fertilizer and an at-plant insecticide application.

NTP+ Indiana corn trial

Download the Field Insights trial details.



A researcher conducted a replicated field trial to see the yield impact of Nu-Trax P+ in different phosphorus levels.

NTP+ Maryland corn trial

Download the Field Insights trial details.


South Dakota

Hefty Seeds facilitated a field trial to evaluate the effect of adding Nu-Trax P+ and Boron DDP to a standard fertility program.

NTP+ SD corn trial

Download the Field Insights trial details.



This 2015 replicated field trial tested Nu-Trax P+ in various fertility programs with different phosphorus and sulfur levels.

NTP+ 2015 Maryland corn data

Download the Field Insights trial details.


To see more trial results in corn, soybeans, wheat and more, go to the Nu-Trax P+ performance page.