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June 22, 2017

New Fertilizer Trial Results for Nu-Trax P+ and California Carrots

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A recent replicated field study showed a trend toward higher yield and profitability for carrot growers who added Nu-Trax™ P+ with CropStart™ Technology to their pre-plant broadcast fertilizer. For growers, selecting Nu-Trax P+ may be a good opportunity to increase ROI without changing current carrot fertilizer practices.

How Does Nu-Trax P+ Work?

Nu-Trax P+ (25% P2O5, 20% Zn, 5% Mn, 4% N) is a unique fertilizer scientifically formulated to provide better early season nutrition to crops. By coating each granule of a dry blend, Nu-Trax P+ places immobile nutrients, such as phosphorous and zinc, in close proximity to plant roots for crop uptake. Obtaining Nu-Trax P+ is as simple as asking for it at the blender.

What Are the Benefits of Coating Nu-Trax P+ onto Carrot Fertilizer?

In 2016, a third-party research cooperator in California conducted a replicated field trial using Nu-Trax P+. Initial soil test results for the field site indicated manganese, boron and zinc deficiencies. Therefore, Wolf Trax Manganese DDP®, Boron DDP and Zinc DDP were included in the trial’s treatments.

The grower’s standard carrot fertilizer program – the control – included 3 split applications. For the treatments, Nu-Trax P+ and/or Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients were coated onto the granular fertilizer that was broadcast applied and incorporated prior to planting. The Nu-Trax P+ and Wolf Trax treatments received the same in-season applications as the control.


The results:

  • The plots treated with Nu-Trax P+ had higher marketable yield than all other plots.
  • According to grower estimates, the increased yield corresponded with higher economic returns. On average, adding Nu-Trax P+ to the grower’s existing carrot fertilizer program translated to $845 more profit per acre.

For more details about the trial, download the Field Insights.