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November 10, 2016

Nu-Trax P+ Delivers Positive Yields at the 2016 Ag in Motion Farm Show

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Ag In Motion 2016

Western Canadian farmers saw the benefits of Nu-Trax P+ and Wolf Trax Boron DDP nutrients at this year’s Ag in Motion outdoor farm expo in Saskatoon, SK.  The Compass Minerals agronomy and sales team toured growers and retailers through the plots demonstrating various fertilizer treatments in canola and wheat during the event.

The early season observations revealed plants that were noticeably larger with longer roots than the untreated plots. The canola and wheat plants were also more advanced, in some cases by two to three leaf stages (Figure 1 and 2).

47940_Compass_NTP_Multi-mediaContent_AginMotion_Blog_600px_A2-1  47940_Compass_NTP_Multi-mediaContent_AginMotion_Blog_600px_A2-2

*Photos were taken on June 18th – 4 weeks after planting. 

Yield Benefits 

The benefits of  Nu-Trax P+ and Boron DDP were also evident at harvest time. The canola plots yielded 2 bu/ac over the control – a net return of $10.37/acre (Figure 3 and 4).

25-canola-yield-results_2 25-canola-net-return_2

And the wheat yield results were even better! The wheat plots treated with Nu-Trax P+ resulted in a yield increase of 8.1 bu/ac over the control – a net return of $47.37/ac (Figure 4 and 5).

25-wheat-yield-results2 25-wheat-return_2

These results continue a trend of trial results from across Western Canada. On average, early season wheat plants are 31% larger when Nu-Trax P+ is added to the field’s pre-plant or at-plant dry fertilizer application. And at harvest, treated wheat yields have averaged 4.8% more than the untreated.

Here’s a video tour of the 2016 Ag In Motion – Compass Minerals Demonstration Plots 

**For the complete report on the 2016 Ag In Motion, please read our Wheat and Canola Field Insights**

2016 Farm Forum Event

At this year’s Farm Forum Event in Calgary Alberta – Scott Duesing, Compass Minerals’ Sales Manager will be hosting two breakout sessions on December 7th and 8th at 11:00am where he will introduce the Compass Minerals approach to starter fertilizers with Nu-Trax P+ and Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients.  He will also review the 2016 Ag In Motion yield data in more data in more detail so don’t miss it!

And please visit us at booth 9 and 10 and find out how you can win a DRONE!

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