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February 2, 2016

Nu-Trax P+ is Ideal Pasture Fertilizer for this Florida Rancher

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Striving for Better Beef Cow Management

Alex Johns has a lot to manage. The Seminole Tribe of Florida’s 105,000-acre cattle ranch runs 10,000 cows among 67 herds, and Alex oversees all of them. His pride for his tribe and their history with cattle inspires him to keep innovating and doing the right things – so the ranch can carry on into the future.

“We were one of the first ranches to utilize EID (electronic identification) technology,” Alex explains. “EID allowed us to give every cow, calf, bull an identification that was easy to put into a database and manipulate and extract data from.”

Managing forages is a major focus for Alex. And to do so, he continues to improve how the herds practice intensive grazing.

“We’re constantly cutting pastures down, fine-tuning our rotation, figuring out how many days we can keep a herd on a pasture,” Alex says.


Getting more Pasture Grass with Nu-Trax P+ Fertilizer

He also focuses on how fertilizer can boost forage growth. “We try to time our fertilizing to happen during the spring,” Alex explains, “so we get a big punch from the fertilizer before we get the heavy rains and the leaching that comes with that.”

Last year Alex worked with Wedgworth’s Fertilizer to add Nu-Trax P+ to the ranch’s spring applications. Coated onto dry fertilizer granules, Nu-Trax P+ provided an ideal blend of phosphorus, zinc, manganese and nitrogen for spring growth and root vigor.

“Grass pulled [Nu-Trax P+] in quicker. It had quicker green up,” Alex says. “It seems to me that we’ve had more root mass built, so the canopy of the forage was thicker.”

Raising More Pounds of Beef

This November Alex reported that with Nu-Trax P+ (which is 25 percent P205), the pastures stayed greener much longer than the typical 60-day window he normally sees after spring fertilizer applications. And after the first year using Nu-Trax P+, the tribe’s herds experienced a 15-pound increase in weaning weights and a 3 percent to 4 percent uptick in conception rates.

Satisfied with the additional pounds of beef and forage tonnage in his first year using Nu-Trax P+, Alex will continue using the fertilizer product the next couple years to measure longer term benefits.

“I would encourage somebody, if they’re looking to try something a little different,” Alex says, “look at Nu-Trax P+. It served us well the first year, and we’re going to use it again for this coming spring.”

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