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July 6, 2016

Nu-Trax P+ Trials at Ag in Motion Saskatoon Farm Show Site Show Off Early Season Growth Benefits

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Western Canada farmers can see the benefits of Nu-Trax P+ fertilizer in action at this year’s Ag in Motion outdoor farm expo. Compass Minerals has canola and wheat plots demonstrating different fertilizer treatments at the site of the Saskatoon farm show. The early season observations reveal promising results.


For the “treatment” plots, Nu-Trax P+ was coated onto the dry fertilizer that was banded at planting. Once the crops reached the 4-leaf stage and their roots could reach the band of fertilizer, visual differences between the plots that received Nu-Trax P+ and the untreated plots became noticeable.


Where Nu-Trax P+ was applied, canola plants are noticeably larger with longer roots than the canola plants in the untreated plots. Plants were also more advanced, in some cases, by two to three leaf stages.


Similar results are seen in the wheat plots. Shoots are taller, and roots are longer where Nu-Trax P+ was added to the at-plant fertilizer.

These results continue a trend of trial results from across Western Canada. On average, early season wheat plants are 31% larger when Nu-Trax P+ is added to the field’s pre-plant or at-plant dry fertilizer application. And at harvest, treated wheat yields have averaged 4.8% more than the untreated.

Visit the Compass Minerals booth, #321, at the Ag in Motion Saskatoon farm show, July 19-21! See the demonstration plots, learn more about Nu-Trax P+ fertilizer, and enter for a chance to win a new drone!
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