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May 10, 2016

Nu-Trax P+ with Wheat Starter Fertilizer Improves Early Season Growth in Cold Conditions

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Phosphorus uptake can be limited under cool soil conditions. To evaluate the performance of Nu-Trax P+ fertilizer (25% P2O5, 20% Zn, 5% Mn, 4% N) in these conditions, a leading plant nutrition researcher conducted a laboratory study at Turkey’s Sabanci University.

By coating each granule of a dry blend, Nu-Trax P+  places immobile nutrients, like phosphorus and zinc, in closer proximity to plant roots for earlier crop uptake.

In this cool temperature wheat trial, Nu-Trax P+ was applied at 2 lb/ac by being coated  onto granular starter fertilizer blends. Researchers kept temperatures at 13-15° C (55-59° F).

Wheat Field Insights study

The trial’s results showed that Nu-Trax P+ can be beneficial for wheat growers, particularly when their crops go through a period of cool temperatures early in the season. Adding Nu-Trax P+ made a significant difference in plant height at six days after emergence, regardless of the starter fertilizer blend’s granular phosphorus content.

Wheat Field Insights chart

Field Insights wheat thumbnail

For more details of this wheat starter fertilizer trial in cool growing conditions, download the Field Insights pdf.

To see more trial results in wheat, canola and more, go to the Nu-Trax P+ performance page.