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February 27, 2017

Potato Field Trial Shows How to Increase Yield with Nu-Trax P+ Fertilizer

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A recent potato fertilizer trial in Florida looked at a very effective way to increase yield of useable potatoes. Conducted by a third-party, the trial included three different fertilizer treatments for potatoes:

  1. The state’s recommendation for fertilizer based on soil test
  2. Typical for farmers seeking high yields, a fertilizer program with N-P-K rates higher than the state’s recommendation
  3. The state’s recommended fertilizer program with the addition of Nu-Trax™ P+ with CropStart™ Technology

In this video clip, Karin Nicolajsen, technical marketing agronomist for Compass Minerals, explains the trial’s findings.

Adding Nu-Trax P+ to the recommended fertilizer for potatoes was more effective at increasing potato yield than the “High-Yield” program. A low-cost investment, Nu-Trax P+ can provide a significant ROI to the grower.To learn more about how Nu-Trax P+ can improve your fertilizer for potatoes, contact your local Compass Minerals representative.