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May 1, 2017

Processing Tomatoes Get a Yield Boost with Nu-Trax P+

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Rick Adamson and his two brothers have grown processing tomatoes on their farm near Leamington, Ontario, Canada, since 1975. Over the years they’ve adopted different technologies for fertilizing tomatoes with success. More recently they have started fertigating through drip irrigation and switching to 28% liquid nitrogen. So when their fertilizer dealer told them about Nu-Trax P+ with CropStart Technology, a new fertilizer he wanted to try on tomatoes, they agreed to conduct an on-farm trial.

Tom Drummond, the fertilizer dealer at Setterington’s Fertilizer Service Ltd in nearby Wheatley, suspected that Nu-Trax P+ (25% P2O5, 20% Zn, 5% Mn, 4% N) would be a good fit for fertilizing tomatoes due to the product’s phosphorus and zinc content.

For the trial, Setterington’s Fertilizer Service added Nu-Trax P+ to the Adamsons’ dry fertilizer blend, which they banded at about 450 lbs/ac pre-plant. Approximately 18 acres of a split field were fertilized with Nu-Trax P+. By coating their fertilizer blend with  Nu-Trax P+, these acres were provided an even blanket of phosphorus, zinc and other nutrients – a nutrient package specially designed for better early season nutrition.

Field Trial Results

Rick reported that for most of the season, they couldn’t see a noticeable, visual difference between the treatments in the field. “There might have been a week that you could see maybe a little greener color to the Nu-Trax P+ side,” Rick said.

photo from Rick 2

However, the real benefit of Nu-Trax P+ showed up at harvest time. “There was around a 1,200-pound difference. That’s per acre,” Rick reported. That additional yield brought the farm about $50 more per acre.

Benefits of Fertilizing Tomatoes with Nu-Trax P+

“I’m always looking for better yield, so that was the biggest thing,” Rick said. But there were a couple other benefits to adding Nu-Trax P+ to his dry fertilizer blend.

“It was a good product to use,” Rick explained. “It probably kept the fertilizer dust down better than anything else.  With the Nu-Trax P+ coating, the fertilizer flowed really well through the equipment.”

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