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February 9, 2017

Retailer Tips to Sell Nu-Trax P+ Fertilizer to the Right Farmers

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53797_1 CMP_NTP_blog_Feb_RetailSellPt_300x300To become a valued partner to your farmer-customers, agricultural retailers need to understand which products have the best fit for their customers. Nu-Trax P+™ with CropStart™ technology can provide good value to farmers and add value to your pre-plant dry fertilizer sales.

This article will explore:

  • How Nu-Trax P+ can fit into your product portfolio
  • Which farmers have the potential to benefit the most from Nu-Trax P+

What is Nu-Trax P+?

Nu-Trax P+ provides the benefits of a starter in dry fertilizer applications. It is the ideal nutrient package of phosphorus, zinc and other nutrients essential for early growth. Applied at just 2 lb/ac, Nu-Trax P+ uses the dry fertilizer blend as a delivery system for early-season nutrition. Trials have shown:

  • Faster, more even emergence in cool and wet soils
  • Better root growth
  • Improved crop development leading to higher yields

Using EvenCoat™ Technology, Nu-Trax P+ coats onto every granule of a dry fertilizer blend. This application method ensures a blanket-like distribution of Nu-Trax P+ across a farmer’s field. The value to the farmer is simple: Young plant roots can access the phosphorus and zinc early. These nutrients are important to early plant and root development but are often difficult for young plants to find, due to nutrient immobility in the soil.

How does Nu-Trax P+ fit into your fertilizer portfolio?

This approach can also complement to your liquid starter business. Now you can sell a product that provides the benefits of a starter to farmers who don’t have liquid starter equipment.

And it’s easy for the farmer: They don’t have anything extra to do. You add Nu-Trax P+ to the blender when you are mixing dry fertilizer blends for pre-plant or at-plant applications. A number of equipment solutions are available to make this application easy and fast for your blending operation. Contact your Compass Minerals rep for more information.

Which farmers would benefit the most from Nu-Trax P+?

There are three key factors to determining which customers would benefit the most from adding Nu-Trax P+ to their dry fertilizer:

  • They don’t have liquid starter equipment. Many farmers recognize the value of starter fertilizer, but they might be hesitant to incur the expenses of tanks, brackets, pumps, hoses, etc. Instead, they can add Nu-Trax P+ to their dry fertilizer affordably and make use of the fertilizer they’re already applying as a delivery system. For more information on the value of starters for corn, read this article.
  • They want to up-size their planter. Nu-Trax P+ can be a great solution for farmers who want to purchase a larger planter. Liquid starter systems on large planters can be heavy. And if the operator needs to stop frequently to refill liquid fertilizer tanks, that system is being counterproductive: the goal of a larger planter is to speed up planting! Instead, farmers could add Nu-Trax P+ to their pre-plant dry fertilizer blends and still see the benefits of a starter.
  • They practice no-till or minimum tillage. Because no-till and min-till fields have more residue cover, soils will be cooler and wetter. These conditions make early season nutrition challenging for young plant roots. Crops are more likely to show a response to a starter fertilizer or Nu-Trax P+.

For more information about selling Nu-Trax P+, contact your Compass Minerals rep.