Take Control of
Early Season Nutrition

The CropStart Nutrient Package is a custom blend of P, Zn, Mn and N

  • This blend is scientifically designed for optimal early season growth.
  • Phosphorus is of critical importance in plant growth and development.
  • Zinc ensures healthy root growth.
  • Manganese activates enzymes for plant growth and is important to photosynthesis.

Patented EvenCoat Technology allows Nu-Trax P+ to be coated onto dry fertilizer blends

  • Nu-Trax P+ is applied by a fertilizer blender, and once it adheres to a fertilizer granule, it won’t come off.
  • As you apply granular fertilizer, you provide more points of interception for plant roots by placing the Nu-Trax P+ custom nutrient blend where plants can best reach it.

PlantActiv Formulation creates nutrients in a particle size that is ideal for plant uptake.

  • As a result, nutrients get into your crop quicker and earlier.